Previous Updates

30/06/19 - Added another award winner to the winner's circle and updated links.
19/06/19 - Added an award winner to the winner's circle.
11/06/19 - Added an award winner to the winner's circle and updated links section.
09/06/19 - Buttons in the links section moved to their own page.
08/06/19 - Added award winners to the awards section and added links to the other sites section.
07/06/19 - Added links to Japanese Language resources section.
03/06/19 - Added rudimentary FAQ section, and updated links and resources sections.
02/06/19 - Created new section under Collection entitled Gifts and Awards.
28/05/19 - Updated links section with lots of links to various anime fansites.
25/05/19 - Created Japanese Language section under goodies. Added a link to the update page, and a link to a to-do list on the about menu.
24/05/19 - New section "Resources" created under Goodies. Moved various resource links previously in links to new resource section.
22/05/19 - Updated css.
19/05/19 - Updated links and added information to Pixel Dolls section. Moved Kisekae Dolls to Pixel Dolls section.
15/05/19 - Updated links, added description to Pocket Bishonen section.
12/05/19 - Added content to "About the Site" section.
08/05/19 - Updated awards and links out page.
05/03/19 - Updated CSS and changed fonts for headers. Updated splash page - all webrings can now be found on the cliques page.
03/03/19 - Added content to the "Other Sites" page in links and two more pixel dolls
02/03/19 - Added more to the pixel dolls section.
01/03/19 - Added content to sprite collection, added links, updated cliques and added content to dolls section.
26/02/19 - Updated awards page
25/02/19 - Added content to quiz and cliques sections. Added a seperate page for previous updates
22/02/19 - Added more to kao-ani and sprites sections.
21/02/19 - Added awards section.
20/02/19 - Added content to kao-ani section.
15/02/19 - Added more to about me section, altered css, added links to other sites section. Added content to cliques and Pocket Bishonen sections.
11/02/19 - Updated css, added accesskeys and a lot of content in all sections, moved some pages around and added a site map under the about section. Moved cliques to a single page under collections.
14/01/19 - Updated about me section.
12/01/19 - Added an enter graphic, button to link to me, and updated credits and css.
09/01/19 - Altered css and added more quiz results.
07/01/19 - Added some quiz results.
06/01/19 - Updated css, improved accessibility, added content to credits and links.