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Here are a bunch of external links, which are organised to the best of my ability. Most are English language, but sites marked with [JP] are Japanese-language sites.

Neocities Sites

Punchy's Rainbow Realm Tangerine Tree Neocities Districts Shishka Garyland Cherrychan's Super Dimensional Anime Shrine Fruitmelt Starlocked Beetletee hydrangea garden Love Central Nekojiru Reia Skylar's Room Chameleon Soups The Lilac Lynx Personal Website of Jerry Lehr gwtagacw Goofy Goober Dekpi Art of Qkudu mbaetata Kumaclick Salsa Collective LunaLisa The Boy Who Leapt Through Time

Art Tutorials

Dolls, Kisekae and Adopts

Game Making Resources

HTML and CSS resources

Web Material and Freebies

Gundam Wing

Misc Sites