What is Affiliation?

Affliation is similar to a banner exchange, but it also has a membership or network meaning to it - It means that we're part of a team! Affiliate sites can be part of your own network, or they may belong to other people. For website affiliates, it might mean that we work on projects together sometimes, help each other with HTML or CSS or other coding issues, act as Beta readers etc. Affiliates with graphic design skills may send small gifts to each other from time to time, such as digital holiday/birthday cards that they've created, just as a way to show our appreciation!

Current Affiliates

AniLinks Tainted Wingz Nightmare Fantasmic Kin'ril Perfect Duel A Glimpsed Horizon Aestharis Nilla's Lair Cobra's Website Sukiyaki City VALYCE NEGATIVE

How to become Affiliated

For affiliates, I require is that you have a 88x31 button, you update every few months at the least, and that you keep in contact! If you would like to become an affiliate with my site, please send me an email at, or write in my guestbook!