Awards to Win


  1. Please don't submit any tumblr, twitter, facebook or other social media profiles - the idea is that you've built the site yourself! You're not limited to sites hosted on Neocities, however.
  2. No excessively unfinished/under construction sites - Make sure you have some content when you apply! One or two pages left uncompleted is fine.
  3. When filling out the form, be sure to fill in which award you are applying for. If you don't, you may receive an award you weren't wanting!
  4. You can apply for multiple awards at once - just mention which ones you're applying for in the form.
  5. If you didn't receive the award you want, you can apply at a later date when you've changed your layout or content, or finished sections that were previously under construction and try again.
  6. Link to me ( after receiving the award - either by linking the award image itself, or in a description before/after the image.

Award Types

Good Start Award

Good Start Award Sample

Requirements: You have a site that's just starting out, or your site doesn't currently fit the requirements of another award you applied for. More of a participation award than anything, but as long as you follow the other rules you can get this automatically if you ask!

Difficulty: Easy

Cute Site Award

Cute Site Award Sample

Requirements: You have a cute site, whether in layout, content or both.

Difficulty: Easy

Artistic Site Award

Artistic Site Award Sample

Requirements: You have a site that either focuses on or contains illustrations, graphic design, pixel art etc. that you have made.

Difficulty: Medium

Fun Site Award

Fun Site Award Sample

Requirements: You have a fun-filled site - Lots of games, activities, articles to read, things to do, etc.

Difficulty: Medium

Nostalgic Site Award

Nostalgic Site Award Sample

Requirements: A truly special award that is harder to get than you'd think. You have a site that not only makes me feel like I've stepped back in time, but it does so in a way that fills me with a sense of longing for the old days. Putting a few marquee tags and some flaming skull gifs on your page isn't going to cut it. Please only apply for this award if you truly believe you can 'wow' me!

Difficulty: Hard


You can apply for an award by filling out the Award Application Form.

Winners Circle

Name Site Awards Won
Logan Dekpi's Site (site currently offline) Artistic Site Award, Good Start Award
Consuelo Calamity Draws Good Start Award
Mrs Giggles Hot Sauce Reviews Fun Site Award
Kuma Kumaclick Artistic Site Award, Cute Site Award
RX QUEEN ♛ RX QUEEN ♕ Fun Site Award, Nostalgic Site Award
Miki Miki's Otome Oasis Fun Site Award
Michelle ♡cinni's dream home♡ Cute Site Award
Mamo Spirited Beginning Artistic Site Award
Googol Googol Good Start Award, Fun Site Award
Spacemako ✧・゚: spacemako's web home ・+✦ Artistic Site Award
VIVEK VKC CodeBuilder - HTML5 & JavaScript Real-time Simulator Fun Site Award, Good Start Award, Artistic Site Award
38Caution x-tremeproject Fun Site Award, Good Start Award, Artistic Site Award
Sajada aolteen's world Cute Site Award, Fun Site Award
bluef00t bluef00t.neocities Artistic Site Award
Violet Radd arachnocinogen Fun Site Award, Good Start Award, Artistic Site Award
Luke Deas wac Good Start Award
Scerika Nightmare Fantasmic ~ Trapped Spirit Cute Site Award, Nostalgic Site Award
Minako Minako's Sailor Moon Page Nostalgic Site Award
Pete itsyaboypedro Nostalgic Site Award, Fun Site Award
Lu Lulu In Cyberspace Nostalgic Site Award
Laika Kyumiare Cute Site Award
Carla Nostalgic Site Award
Friso Postma Frisout's Corner Good Start Award
Ally AllyRat World Cute Site Award, Artistic Site Award
Viviyon666 Lovely Charmy Villains Fun Site Award
Ash Bliss Net Cute Site Award, Good Start Award