Pocket Bishonen

Much like Ghost's Anime Kitties, Pocket Bishonen were a common sight on early 00s anime fandom pages. Pocket Bishonen was a parody of Pokemon / Pocket Monsters - but instead of capturing small creatures, you would capture male anime characters ('bishonen' meaning a beautiful boy in Japanese). The idea was that you would take a quiz to prove that you knew the character well, and this would allow you to 'capture' a bishonen (save the adoption image). Longer quizzes allowed you to receive badges from gym leaders. There was also a sister site called Pocket Bishojo, which focused on female anime characters.

While the old website is long gone, fans of the original have taken up the the domain and revamped the site with new bishonen and badges to collect.


I caught Haruka! I caught Makoto! I caught Nagisa! I caught Rei! I caught Rin!

Fullmetal Alchemist

I caught Alphonse Elric! I caught Edward Elric! I caught Havoc!


I caught Alois! I caught Ciel! I caught Sebastian!


I caught Inuyasha! I caught Kouga!


I caught Gaara! I caught Shikamaru!


I caught Dr. Derek Stiles! I caught Fred Lou! I caught Itsuki Koizumi! I caught Link! I caught Shigure Soma! I caught Touda! I caught Vash the Stampede!

Old Pocket Bishonen

I caught Heero! I caught Duo! I caught Quatre! I'm an official Pocket Bishonen trainer!