Gifts and Awards

Going through my old website files, I came across the awards that I personally won for my old site circa 2001, so I decided to create a page showcasing some of them, along with any gifts and awards that people have given me for this new site. Many of the pages are links to archives, though some are, surprisingly, still around (albeit not updated). Be sure to take a look!

Current Site Awards

Hidden Link Award Hidden Link Award Hidden Link Award

I found the hidden links at Serenitatis Game Center Crown, Minako's Sailor Moon Page, and Erdbeerkirsch!

Christmas Card Gift Gruss von Krampus Christmas Card

I received Christmas presents from Yobun and Key!

Star Sprinkle Gift

I received a present from Scerika!

Fantastic Site Award Cute Site Award

I received the fantastic site award and the cute site award from Sukiyaki City!

Groovy Site Award Certified Cozy

I received two awards from Lulu in Cyberspace!

Featured Page AwardLandmark Site Award

Nostalgia for the 2000s is both a featured and landmark site at Neo Neighborhoods!

Holiday Present

I received a holiday present from Tainted Wingz!

Valentine's Day Present

I received a Valentine's Day present from Scerika!

Inspiration Award

I won the Inspiration Award from itsyaboypedro!

I Guessed the Anime Character

I guessed the Anime Character at Nightmare Fantasmic!

Hidden Link Award

I found the hidden link at Tainted Wingz!

Super Site Award

I won another award from Nightmare Fantasmic - This time it's the Super Site Award. Thank you again Scerika!

Fantastic Site Award

I won the Fantastic Site Award from Nightmare Fantasmic - Thank you Scerika!

Proud Member of JAUP

I've been JAUP'd! Thanks Bill!

Old Site Awards

Award Won Site
Pyokos Approval Award Awarded by Anime4Ever
I am a real dragonball fan Awarded by Capsule Corp.
Award of Serenity Awarded by Crystal Tears
Fantastic Site Award Awarded by Eternal Tenchi Muyo
Cool Site Award Awarded by Eternal Tenchi Muyo
Thank You Award Awarded by Eternal Tenchi Muyo
GAC Award Awarded by Fantasy Reality
I guessed the anime right Awarded by Got Cute?
Great Start Award Awarded by Lia's Anime castle
100 percent on LACs Dragonball z quiz Awarded by Lia's Anime castle
Wonderful Site Award Awarded by My Dear Ash Ketchum
Nakagos Commemorative Award Awarded by Nakago's Awards
Heaven Star Award Awarded by SAS
Silver Award Awarded by Tenchi for Life
I completed the quiz Awarded by Tenchi for Life
Turtle Hermit Award Awarded by The Dragonball Wazoo
Best Picture Gallery Award Awarded by The Duo Fixation
I passed Vbabes Gundam Wing Quiz Awarded by V-Babe's Page of Random Anime