Frequently Asked Questions

What is your tumblr/twitter/instagram?

I've actually given up most social media nowadays. If you need to contact me, you can send an email to

How do you say ____ in Japanese?

Keep in mind that I'm not a walking dictionary - chances are if it's a simple phrase or word, you can probably Google it. If it's something more complex, however, feel free to email me your questions!

How did you find all those old fansites?

I mostly used Wiby, which is a search engine made specifically to find web 1.0 compatible websites, the Open Directory Project, and I also combed through old archives of Anipike, and checking urls for sites that were still around. I chose not to add sites that were overly unfinished or broken, but because of the age of these sites, please expect to find a few broken internal links or images.